LA's FIRST British Indian Chip Shop

Balti Bowls

Indian inspired rice bowls that you customize. Served over Jeera Rice (Cumin Rice)

1. Pick your protein

Tofu Balti Bowl

6.55 Vegetarian

w/ Chickpeas & Tofu

Madras Ck Balti

6.75 Madras Chicken

Tikka Balti Bowl

$6.75 Chicken Tikka

2. Pick your sauce

Tikka Masala (add .50)

3. Pick your toppings

Grilled Pepper & Onions
Sweet Corn
House Chutney
Yoghurt Mint
Mild or Hot Chilli

"What is Balti"

The Balti originated in Birmingham, England in the 70's. Like the traditional "curry" flavour but cooked much faster and fresher, the Balti is the quintessential Brit-Indian food in England. Nowhere in SoCal could you get a Balti before now.


All burgers are served with a 1/3lb Angus Beef patty on a brioche bun with lettuce, tomato, onion unless specified. Substitute a veggie patty for $1.00

American Burg w P Crisps

4.50 The American

Classic burger with mayo or mustard add american or cheddar cheese (add .50)

Combo 7.00

The Full English close up w fries

7.75 The Full English

A proper English breakfast in a burger! House made English pork sausage, bacon, cheddar cheese, grilled tomato & onion & a runny egg

Combo 10.45

BBQ Curry Burg with Season fries

6.25 BBQ Curry Burger

Just like the American but with cheddar cheese & our very own BBQ Curry sauce

Combo 8.75

Maharaja Burger

6.75 The Maharaja

Our 1/3lb patty, an onion bhaji, balti sauce, and cheddar cheese. Burger Royalty!

Combo 9.35

6.25 Spicy Vindaloo Burger

A spicy Indian twist on the American with Vindaloo sauce

Combo 9.25

6.85 Doner Burger

Just Doner meat (lamb & beef), veggies, mayo, and chili sauce. A taste of the English Midlands! Add cheese (.50)

Combo 9.35


Lassi Shakes

Lassi is a popular Indian yoghurt drink. We’ve added our own gourment twist and exotic flavours blended with locally made yoghurt.

3.75 Choose:

Banana Cinnamon or Strawberry Cardamom

Chai (Teas)

2.00 English Black Tea

2.50 English Tea w/ Milk

2.75 Black Chai

3.25 Chai Latte

.50 Add Whipped Cream

Fountain Drinks

1.85 Regular

2.15 Large

Specialty Drinks

Various Prices


We make our traditional chip shop batter fresh daily. Our fish & chips are seasoned with salt & lashings of malt vinegar just the way you’d get it in England

5.25 1 Piece Fish-n-Chips

8.25 2 Piece Fish-n-Chips

3.00 Extra Fish – 1 Piece

For the Little 'Uns

All kids meals come with chips and a small drink.

4.15 Fish Nuggets

3.75 Dog Bites

Bite sized pieces of battered hot dog.


All salads are made with mixed greens, shredded cabbage, diced tomatoes, cucumbers, and onions.


Ranch • Yoghurt Mint • Tamarind • House

3.90 House Salad

w/ Chickpeas & Sweet Corn

7.00 Chicken Salad

choose Madras or Tikka

7.25 Doner (Lamb & Beef)


3.95 Onion Bhajis (3)

Indian spiced onion fritters

3.90 Samosa Rolls (2)

Our take on the traditional pea & potato samosa

Chips (Fries)

Cooked in authentic chip shop style in beef drippings for an amazing meaty flavour. Can be fried in vegetable oil upon request.

2.70 Brit Style

w/ salt & malt vinegar

2.70 American Style

w/ season salt

4.00 Balti Style

w/ balti sauce, cheese, & house chutney, add bacon (.75)


All wraps are served in Artisan flat bread with shredded lettuce, cabbage, house chutney, & a blend of our sauces. Specify hot or mild!

Madras Ck Wrap

6.55 Madras Chicken

Combo 9.05

6.55 Chicken Tikka

Combo 9.05

Doner Wrap

6.75 Doner

Combo 9.25

6.55 Battered Fish

Combo 9.05

6.55 Veggie Patty

Combo 9.05